Bitrix24: Mobile Application

Syed Faris Hussain

Syed Faris Hussain

Marketing Manager

May 2, 2017 | 0 comments

Communicating with employees when they leave the office has always been a hassle for company staff. Want to inform all your employees about an important meeting or project detail instantly? Worry not! Bitrix24 has the solution to all your communication problems.

Bitrix24 installs an application on your mobile when you are using this software service. While other conventional messengers have the tendency to only notify when the messenger is active Bitrix24, on the other hand, gives a pop-up notification when you send a message. All the communication is real-time and instant regardless of the Bitrix24 app being active or closed on your mobile. This unique feature greatly enhances the experience of the user when communicating with colleagues or employees.