Bitrix24: The Best Task and Employee Management Software

Syed Faris Hussain

Syed Faris Hussain

Marketing Manager

Apr 29, 2017 | 0 comments

One of the most tiring aspects of running a business company is the assigning to tasks to all the employees of the company. This can be a very rigorous and lengthy task at times. Do you sometimes wish that assigning and managing task should have been a much easier and quick task in comparison to how we deal with it these days? Well, Bitrix24 is able to make that possibility into a reality. With its amazing features, it is able to make very strenuous tasks into much more innovative and simplified. One of its main features is the “Project Management and Tasks” feature. So what does it do?

A really amazing component known as the Gnatt Chart allows the user to assign tasks either individually or in a group. Furthermore, the chart allows the complete viewing of a chronological timeline that will ensure that completion of the task is kept in check. Also, the chart also shows the responsible person along with the task assigned to that person. The best thing about the Gnatt chart is that it can be modified according to the need after its creation. So any kind of addition or removal of tasks can be easily modified with very less effort. Amazing isn’t it? Something that can organize and keep everything on track when working with a team or working on a company level. Adding subtasks and removing them is not a hassling task for managers anymore.

With all these awesome features packed into one single feature is something that makes the Bitrix24 a very innovative software service. One of the most difficult job for supervisors is the managing of employees and their tasks. The “Employee Workload Management” allows the supervisor to easily allocate the time duration to tasks in estimation and also in real time. They can with ease manage the completion of the specific jobs assigned to the employees. This feature allows the supervisor allows the real-time surveillance of the task time. And it also is able to show the amount of task completed and the ones that are not yet completed as well as approaching the deadline. It allows easy stratification of tasks among the departments and on an individual level. To top it off, the Employee Workload Management allows the creation of monthly report on an individual basis and also a departmental basis.

So a question arises, we have talked so much about assigning of tasks and jobs as well as timelines of each task etc. How does a manager or supervisor keep track of so many tasks assigned to so many people? And also how do they know if any new tasks are assigned to any new or existing employee? The answer is easy! Task counters allow the easy viewing of any new tasks assigned to an employee. Whenever a task is assigned or completed. It will automatically generate a counter in order to notify immediately.

With all these new qualities assimilated into a software service. One can only imagine the possibilities of this software service when put to usefully!