Bitrix24: The Excellent Planner

Syed Faris Hussain

Syed Faris Hussain

Marketing Manager

May 2, 2017 | 0 comments

Ever have the feeling that managing meeting and work dates have been nearly impossible for you in professional work? Well, there is a solution for everything and the best solution for such a problem is Bitrix24! This software service allows you to efficiently manage everything in a much more organized way. When working in a team or group environment, keeping everyone coordinated and arranging important meetings are the key to success to for achieving the goals in a business company. What if we told you that managing everything now was so easy that you would get more time to spend on other tasks. Amazing isn’t it?

The Bitrix24 calendar feature allows the user to easily make calendars that have a key role in managing the day to day activities furthermore making important days in a project. The company managers or supervisors can now plan out everything in such a way that everyone is now connected to the schedule via email, mobile or any other electronic communication device easily. And not only does everyone see the calendar that you share but any changes made to the calendar is spontaneously changed on the Bitrix24 too. This way there are no complaints regarding any delay in changes to programs. And everyone is updated exactly at the time that you have updated the calendar.

Working in a department or group or a team? Bitrix24 allows you to generate group calendars that will greatly organize your work process for everyone in your group/department/team. You can make an unlimited amount of calendars and give the access to people whom only you want to see the calendar. This will keep everyone updated about the activities and work progress regarding any meeting or project.

When scheduling an event, there are a large number of people to be invited and a team is needed to work on the success of the event. Bitrix24 allows all your colleagues to join in a combined working space without the hassle to individually email everyone for a time slot for working on the event planning. This feature saves time, effort and most importantly keeps everyone together in a consistent communication channel. One more essential feature added to the calendar creating is that you do not have to create a weekly or monthly event time to time. Events that repeat on a monthly or weekly basis can be automatically put on a loop at their designated time.

The CRM system also integrates with the calendars allowing your team or department to check on the calendar itself about the customers that have to be contacted regarding business or meetings. Additionally, there is also a feature that allows you to merge more than one calendar into a single one that shows all the activities for easy viewing.

Last but not the least, the absence chart will allow you to view all your department employees or company employees that are on leave or planning to go on leave. This enhances your working capability and also allows you to set your meetings, work, and projects in a much more efficient manner.