The Social Intranet: Making Communication a Fast Paced Process

Syed Faris Hussain

Syed Faris Hussain

Marketing Manager

Apr 29, 2017 | 0 comments

Social networks have stormed the modern day communication system and revolutionized how the people around the world communicate with each other. Imagine if this kind of technology was integrated into a business company or a team of professionals. Ease of communication has always been a problem with the human resource when it comes to coordinating and working with each other. Bitrix24 integrates the features of social network and the essential functions of a business oriented professional environment into a working creative social networking system.

Imagine that you could socialize and work at the same time while keeping everything professional. Amazing wouldn’t it be? The “Social Intranet” of Bitrix24 exactly does this and in a very seemingly easy manner. The Social Intranet weaves all the company employee, tasks and communication into one big social structure. The Activity System is a feature of the Social Intranet that allows the notifications of all the activities and updates. Every employee is actively updated if there are any changes in the activities. Furthermore, the employee can fully customize what kind of activities are to be shown on his/her activity feed. The employee can also communicate with other via discussion and comments on anything that is updated. The activity stream is something that keeps every employee up to date with very less effort and in a timely manner.

All your company employees are engaged on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network? Why not set up your own social network in such a way that a professional environment is ensured and work related stuff is shared on it! The live stream also features an option to like any content, post, picture or comment of the employee. This ensures that the most liked content, picture or opinion is shown as a priority to all. Such an engaging social system encourages the employees to share more and more creative and innovative strategies. Also, the higher ups of the company can keep track of better ideas that are being shared by the employees. Such an amazing feature for all the employees to use!

The Intranet also allows quick sending of messages either private or to a group of people. You can also add more people to a single conversation group in order to keep a large audience engaged towards a single unified goal that has to be fulfilled. Employees can easily share pictures or diagrams in conversation so that any kind of work related data is seen and saved by many people at the same time. This ensures that enriched information travels at a very fast rate among all the employees. A social network that makes data sharing among employees fast is something that can benefit the company in the long run. As key information takes very less time to travel between all the employees.

There is a badge system that ensures that an employee performing an amazing feat gets commended by the supervisors or a manager for sure! Higher ups can easily award employees with badges for their creative ideas or good comments on any discussion. This achievement can be seen by the whole social network at the same time. Isn’t this a great motivational strategy?