Standard Website

Static Website (HTML/CSS)

The Standard website is one of the basic types of website, coded in HTML/CSS. The information shared on the website is static for each and every visitor, that is why it is also known as Static Website.

Standard Website is a splendid & budgeted option to exhibit your products, services or skills, specifically, if you are individual or a small business holder, and do not require routine changes frequently. Also, it is recommended for the growing businesses to opt for the Standard Website, due to the high visibility of it in the search engines.

The encoded browser for the standard website makes it interactive and allows a visitor to navigate easily, and at the same time, the visitor can download files and images from the web page.

Most of the small to large businesses are opting for a Standard Website, as it is quite simple to create/design & host within budget, minimal or no maintenance cost, easier to optimize or integrate, content of web can be changed easily with limited knowledge and most importantly it is as interactive and compelling as any other web type.

Planning To Get One for Your Business?

So, do you want A Standard Website for yourself now? Let us help you.

ForceGrowth is offering the flexible packages for your Standard Website as per your demands and requirements. We are offering different layouts and design to meet your needs. Moreover, we offer you to customize one for yourself with the assistance of our web designers instead of using templates or copied layouts. We create the standard web by using HTML encoding and designing of the web is completed by graphics or CSS.

We are ecstatic to have a commendable team of individuals, who are accomplished, experienced and dedicated to offering you the best and unique web designing services within your provided budget. Our professional web designers ensure to provide you the best compatible web solution for your business.
Our Standard Websites are compatible with all windows and Mac browsers i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera & Internet Explorer.

We offer the finest customer services from your initial contact till the service is ultimately provided – to ensure the proper & indelible execution of your Standard Website, we offer you our 24/7 technical support.