Bitrix24 Features & Pricing

Syed Faris Hussain

Syed Faris Hussain

Marketing Manager

Apr 27, 2017 | 0 comments

In the field of business, many aspects are necessary in order to achieve the goals and success. Areas such as communication, planning, and management are some of the main areas of focus when working in a professional team or company environment. Introducing Bitrix24, a platform that allows all your team members or company employees to effectively and efficiently work together. It is a complete package for a client and company relationship for a successful business venture. Bitrix24 offers many amazing features that can revolutionize your working strategy, planning and communication effectiveness with your own team and client as well. Here are some of the most attractive features of Bitrix24:

24/7 Activity Access: Bitrix24 is a software service that is accessible 24/7 from anywhere. This allows you to plan, communicate and implement your strategy easily.

Task and Project Planning: A fully customizable task management feature allows the allocation, relaying and keeping track of tasks assigned to colleagues. Aside from this, any project shared among the colleagues can be seen with a time track, files and full planning easily separated into groups.

CRM: Having problems in keeping track of clients? The Bitrix24 CRM system allows you to easily contact, keep track and store any relevant information regarding potential and existing clients.

Telephony: Making domestic or international calls has never been easier! Bitrix24 allows you to make, receive record and keep a call history record with many conveniences.

Access to Chat and Video: Being a part of a business company means lots of clients and team members as well. Real-time communication plays a very critical role in such a situation. Messaging, real-time video chat and video conferencing etc can be essential and satisfy for a client.

Social Network: Business can be greatly expanded if integrated into social networks. The seeming popularity of the social networking websites has made this phase a necessary part of any company now.

Open Channels: Regardless of whatever source of communication you may be using Bitrix24 will support it all. E-mails, telephone calls, instant messaging, website live chat or social media etc is all supported with Bitrix24 platform easily.

Online Documentation: Bitrix24 allows you to upload any document and share on a private or collaborative level. Presentations, videos, documents etc can be safely uploaded and shared among people with ease.

Bitrix24 Drive: The drive feature for Bitrix is like a cloud system that allows data storage and sharing on a personal level or company level. A secure cloud server system that will allow online and offline device compatibility.

Calendars: Relaying dates of tasks or important events is an easy way to assign duties to everyone. Bitrix24 allows convenient formulation of individual or group calendars.

Mail Service: E-mailing is a must when sending formal messages to any client or other organization.

Time Management: Managing the human resource allows better time management. Engaging employees, managing company structure and work reports etc can be taken care of with very less effort.

Mobile: Everything that you can do through a PC or Laptop on Bitrix24 can now be accessed through a mobile phone. You can properly channel messages or assign tasks using your mobile devices with all the available features.

HR Tools: The HR tools allow you to allocate all the human resource in the team or company to take care of the duties assigned to them. The effective and efficient allocation of manpower can bring about a great difference in the completion of the goals.