Bitrix24 Drive: The Best Cloud Storage

Syed Faris Hussain

Syed Faris Hussain

Marketing Manager

Apr 29, 2017 | 0 comments

Managing documents have never been so easy when working with a very large amount of data, now imagine all that data on a team or company level. Is it hard to manage that size of data? What if we told you that such a large amount of data is not so hard to manage at all when working with your colleagues? The “Bitrix24.Drive” is an innovative solution for data sharing and cloud data security for your team, company or individual use.

The company drive offers large storage capacity storage on the Bitrix24. Drive enabling a large number of employees to gain access to the data that has been made accessible for all. You can allow limited or open access to desired employees. Personal or group drives can also be customized. These drives can be specially allocated for a much smaller number of people for a specific task. The cloud is totally secure and keeps the data totally confidential.

One more option is the online editing feature; you can easily modify the file that has been saved on the drive. Imagine a group project and a number of people can add information or critical data to the same file at the same time easily. No need to work separately, instead collaboratively work on the same project online and complete the task easily in far less time

The whole system is 100% secure and guarantees that all the data is being backed up on a daily basis. Bitrix24. Drive, being the most reliable online could system, is accessible 24/7 to ensure that any kind of data is stored by anyone from anywhere and anytime easily.

Bitrix24. Drive allows you to easily save all your data and share it among groups that you intend to share them into. On a team work level or company level, this is very useful as many of the employees are able to benefit from this feature. Example: a manager or supervisor wants to pass memo or instructions to a specific department or even the whole company. He can simply upload the document and then share it with the whole group of employees on the drive. This way the manager/supervisor does not have to individually send the document to everyone or verbally communicate to everyone.

Bitrix24. Drive is very easy to setup and you do not have to be a computer genius to make it work. After installation, you can customize the content in the cloud storage simply by using the icon on the desktop. The software is easily able to become compatible with OS or Mac and allow all the facilities available. Aside from this, the application also shows the data storage capacity being used, free space and an in-depth statistical chart that illustrates other things. Bitrix24 makes sure that all your data can be made highly confidential. You can easily assign a password when sharing a file. Adding a password when sharing data makes sure that even if someone is trying to access your channel then they will surely be unable to gain any kind of access to the data you are sending. Since the data is encrypted, you are sure to keep the data/information flow between you and the receiver. Doesn’t this make the Bitrix24? Drive the most suitable cloud data storage for personal and professional use?