Telephony: Communicating People on Bitrix24 Easily

Syed Faris Hussain

Syed Faris Hussain

Marketing Manager

Apr 29, 2017 | 0 comments

In a business venture, the most difficult task is to keep everyone glued together to a single plan of action in order to complete the main of the goals of the company. Contacting, coordinating and informing are some of the main key factors that make the plan a success in the coming future. And planning is something that keeps a team of people or a company on track towards a prosperous result.

Want to know about a software service that can keep everyone in a proper communicating channel easily? Worry not! Bitrix24 is a software service that has some of the best innovative communication features. One similar feature is the “Telephony” feature. So what’s exactly is special about the Telephony service? It is a built-in feature in the Bitrix24 and all of its other versions. You do not have to install a ton of additional software or updates to make this work. To make it much more attractive, the telephony service is much cheaper as compared to any other communication service. No need to setup any kind of pricey equipment to make telephony work instead you can always use a standard headset which is compatible with any version of Bitrix.

Setting up a telephone through Bitrix24 is really easy! Here is how, if your company has a cloud PBX then simply provide with a SIP-Trunk. This will allow you keep all the contacts as well as get access to Bitrix24 Telephony and CRM tools with ease by simply renting a SIP-Connector. This will benefit you greatly; all and any incoming calls will be made free for your connection. The only pricing done will be for the outbound calls. To make it more convenient for the users, a complete guide is available for the users additionally a 60 min free call testing feature is also added too. Amazing isn’t it?

The telephony feature allows you to call client or colleagues, receive calls from client or colleagues, store their numbers and keep a log for all the calls made or received. Also, you can even easily record any important business calls inbound or outbound. This way none of your contacts ever get lost ever. A really easy way is to categorize or stratify all the contacts is to either make groups or assign a tag to the contact to remember. Once the profile of a person is saved you can easily reach the person if they are online via call. Another outstanding feature to this service allows you to contact the person from telephony to the cell phone of the person if he/she is not online on Bitrix24 currently.

Regardless of how many contacts you have, the Bitrix24 has no limit to the storage capacity of your contacts and you can rest assured that none of the confidential data will ever be leaked or used for any unfair means. A very strict policy of confidentiality and security keeps all the data intact to your professional profile. Truly the telephony makes the Bitrix24 a very useful aspect of the business venture strategically.